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size of Rates In Triple 7's� 21

Progressive r�r�s�r�r�r�r�r�
Game rules in progressive r�r�s�r�r�r�r�r� same, as well as in the usual.
Possibility of the additional rate - distinctive feature progressive r�r�s�r�r�r�r�r�r�.
Such rate allows to take part in draw r�r�r�r�r�r�s�r�.
Triple 7's Blackjack
Triple 7v��s Blackjack has occurred from standard r�r�s�r�r�r�r�r�r�. Distinctive feature Triple 7v��s Blackjack is possibility of players to make the additional rate, s�s�r�r�r�r�r�r�r�rxs� it to receive an additional prize. In Triple 7v��s Blackjack 5 packs are used. The croupier r�r�r�r�r�r�r�r�s�r�s�r�s�r�r�r�s�s� cards before each distribution, after each played party. r�s�r�s� to win in Triple 7's Blackjack, you need to receive 2 seven first two cards.

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